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Couldn’t fetch – Google Search Console Bug

Please tell me your TLD

Update 23.01.2022

In the meantime, I have launched a second site where the problem occurs. The only parallel between the two sites, is that both have nTLDs, meaning “new Top Level Domains”, specifically .website .

In internet forums, I have come across at least 3 other examples of nTLDs whose owners cannot submit the sitemap in Google Search Console.

I can’t think of any reasons why this should correlate, but the fact is, it’s the only anomaly that has occurred so far. I don’t want to jump to the conclusion that this is a coincidence.

I would like to ask people who are affected by the same problem to tell me which top-level domain they are using.

The status of the poll is shown here:

Original Post

One of my customer websites has an unusual problem for me. None of the entered sitemaps can be submitted, it seems. Instead of “success”, the status message “Couldn’t fetch” appears.

Screenshot of Google Search Console showing the couldn't fetch status

Well, we are indeed completely at Google’s mercy when it comes to our websites being indexed. But the fact that a working sitemap can’t even be “fetched” was or is a new phenomenon for me.

A short research brought me to several hints that this must be a bug on the part of Google Search Console: Link

If a site map is accessible with the URL inspection, the status given is simply wrong. Instead, “pending” would probably be the actual status, which means something like “pending” or “not yet done”.

The following are the steps for the double check or verification:

1. click on “URL inspection” and enter the URL of your sitemap.

Google Search Console URL inspection Screenshot

2. you will get the message that this page is not indexed. This is correct and should be so. Do not click on “request indexing

URL is not on Google test live URL Google-Search-Console screenshot

3. Google Search Console now confirms again that the URL is not available.

Couldn’t fetch – Google Search Console Bug

4. Scroll down. If everything is fine with your sitemap, Google Search Console will confirm at this point that the sitemap is indeed available and has already been crawled.


According to some comments in forums the problem should have solved itself after a few days and the status in the view of the submitted sitemaps should change to “success” by itself.

I really hope that this will happen to me again soon:

google search console sitemap success nachricht screenshot

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